5000 Bonus Reward Points on YES Bank Credit Cards

Yesbank has been playing around with 2X Reward Points and 10X reward focuses for some time and now they’ve concocted another sort of Bonus Rewards with Yes Bank Credit Card and focuses offer for New Year/Christmas, in light of the spend. Everybody has diverse spend edge and when you meet it, you get 5000 focuses. The spending limit is intended to push you to spend more than what you’ve spent previously. Here are more subtle elements.

Yesbank Credit Cards: 5000 Bonus Reward Points Offer

  • Sort: Spend based
  • Spend Threshold: Personalized (more often than not between 15k-35k)
  • Avoided Spend Type: Fuel spends
  • Extra Points: 5,000 Points
  • Offer Period: Dec sixteenth 31st 2017
  • Satisfaction: 28th Feb 2018
  • Powerful Savings: 4% and above

My spend prerequisite is Rs.30,000 while others have gotten in the scope of 15k-35k. It would appear that the spend prerequisite is registered in light of earlier months spends as I tough spent anything this month. Its in a perfect world put in such way that the individuals who for the most part spend less are remunerated more % than others.

This is regularly done by most charge card organizations to push the general sum spent per card. Indeed, even SBI and Amex appear to have been doing it however I never got an opportunity to profit them as it wasn’t focused to me yet. I got one go through based offer with HDFC a while back after which it never came to me, however comes each month for my family cards.


I may seem like a quack remedy salesperson with regards to Yesbank Credit Cards. Yet, the truth of the matter is, Yes bank is forceful in expanding their piece of the pie and will keep on coming up with such cool offers each and every month at any rate for next ~2 years. Regardless of whether not, you can expect a Brilliant Promo each merry season. Along these lines, on the off chance that you don’t hold Yesbank cards, simply ahead and apply for one. Simply incase on the off chance that you require more motivations to get one, look at my past article on: Why Should you Apply for a YES Bank Credit Card Did you get this offer and what amount was your spend prerequisite? Don’t hesitate to share your musings in remarks underneath.