why a coffee grinder…?

As a teenager growing up in the 1980’s I liked things to be instant. It was the time of the pot noodle, the microwave meal, Kwikfit, Loadsamoney, and the decade which saw the birth of the coffee advert soap opera.  Waiting was not something I enjoyed or was comfortable with. Once I had decided upon something I wanted it  -now!

I wasn’t really a coffee geek then. I just drank it, by the bucket load. I always have done. But during this time the choice of coffee was extremely limited. No espresso, no latte, no cappuccino, no long macchiato. Your choice of coffee in the 80’s? black or white. As life went on my eyes were opened to different coffees, different ways of making coffee, and different beans. I became significantly influenced by coffee culture.

As a now aspiring coffee geek I soon discovered that fresh coffee was essential, fresh beans were essential, and a good grinder was essential. I have been through many grinders – small handheld manual grinders (I have the right bicep to prove it), various electric grinders. I now have a cupboard which my partner calls the ‘grinder graveyard’. So, I know as much as anyone how essential a good grinder it.

This is where coffee-grinders.co.uk comes in…using a good quality coffee grinder, whether manual or electric, burr grinder or blade,  is part of any self respecting coffee connoisseurs kit.

antique coffee grinder
Antique burr grinder

Coffee grinders can come in all shapes and sizes and can work in different ways. The beauty of using them is the final product. There is truly nothing better the the rich aroma and the velvety taste of a well prepared cup of coffee in the morning.


As far back as I can remember I have always loved coffee. Gradually I went from drinking instant to drinking ground and then, years ago, discovered a little shop in my native Bristol called ‘Two Day Coffee’. This shop enriched my view of coffee by showing me various beans from around the world. The owner gave me advice on grinding coffee, what different beans were like, and how fresh they should be – as the name of the shop suggests, the beans should never be over two days old.

coffee bean selection
There is a huge selection of coffee beans available.

This isn’t to say that how you grind is the ‘be all and end all’. Every step of the process matters and is largely dependent on individual taste – in other words, how you take your coffee.

bodium blade grinder
A bodium electric blade grinder

We have a selection of grinders on the site and are more than happy to source a particular style or type of grinder for you. If you would like our help to f ind a grinder other than the ones on this website feel free to get in touch.