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Spiller & Tait Pure Colombian Huila – Coffee Beans 1kg Bag

As the name suggests Spiller & Tait Pure Colombian Huila beans  are grown in the Huila region of south east Colombia in almost perfect growing conditions. With a full bodied, medium sweetness the exude a subtle taste of dark berries. They manage to avoid the bitterness and acidity often associated with Aribica beans grown in this region.

coffee beans spiller & tait
Spiller & Tait gourmet coffee beans

The founders of the company, Simon Spiller and David Tait, are truly experts when it comes to producing gourmet coffee and have been in the busniess for many years. They roast, serve, and wholesale coffee to the high street in the UK and are considered innovators on the industry. Now their beans are being offered in small batches to consumers to enjoy and are exclusively sold on Amazon.co.uk.

These are great beans to use with all types of coffee making – cafetiere, Aeropress, percolators, automated or manual espresso machines. Spiller and Tait have impressed many a coffee impresario with their blends suggesting they have got it just right and are some of the best Colombian coffee beans people have bought (See Amazon reviews on Spiller and Tait).


For a price of £15 per kilo I think these are great value and a great addition to a coffee buffs cupboard.

check it out -Spiller & Tait Pure Colombian Huila
Where? Amazon.co.uk – How much? £15 (£1.50 per 100g)

For more information on Spiller and Tait blend visit their website by clicking HERE.







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