The Russell Hobbs Espresso Machine gives the Russell Hobbs espresso machine 3 stars

Price £86

russell hobbs espresso machine
Stylish and compact. The Russell Hobbs 18623 coffee machine



  • Stylish steel finish
  • 15 bar pump driven
  • Will make most coffees without the need for messy paper filters
  • 1.5l tank
  • Convenient milk frother
  • Drip tray




We’ve never reviewed anything made by Russell Hobbs before but what the hell, we thought we’d take a look and for the price paid it’s a great little machine.

There isn’t a massive list of features on this machine but thats not really a bad thing. Some coffee machines are just…well….unnecessarily over complicated.

With its sleek stainless steel design this powerful little machine will perfectly adourn your kitchen worktop without looking too big or cumbersome. It really does marry style with exceptionally good and simple to use coffee making. It’s versatile so you’ll be able to make lattes, cappuccinos, and of course espressos. This is a really good machine for newbies or even those in the know who are fed up with their coffee machine taking up the whole kitchen!

Bar pressure indicates the pressure at which the water is forced through the ground coffee. The espresso, latte or cappuccino is created using good bar pressure of 15 bar or above and the Allure Espresso uses this pump system to ensure maximum flavour with every cup, and ensures your espresso is served with a crema layer, every time. It’s very simple to use but doesn’t lack any necessary features. The milk frother makes you think you’re in a barista run coffee shop as it produces that welcome sound of steam frothing milk. It also comes with a drip tray and easy to remove water tank so you can fill it at the tap. See, all the features you need without overcomplicating matters!

check it out - Russell Hobbs espresso machine
Where? – How much? £86



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