Rhinowares hand coffee grinder

The rhinowares hand coffee grinder

I haven’t added a product post to coffee-grinders.co.uk for quite some time now. Although I’m mental about coffee and it’s one of my great passions in life, writing about products and diferent brews has taken a back seat for a while due to ‘life happening’. This was until I saw the rhinowares hand coffee grinder and thought to myself, and exclaimed out loud, ‘What an amazing piece of kit!’ And I’m going to tell you why.

rhinowares hand coffee grinder
Good looking piece of kit. Yes?

In my opion the Rhinowares hand coffee grinder is almost perfect. As someone who has travelled quite a bit in their lives I’ve always been a fan of coffee making tools that you can carry with you and the rhinowares hand coffee grinder is exactly that. It’s pretty tiny and easily stowable allowing you to rind your coffee on the go, or even for use in your home. Amazingly versatile.


So let’s have a look at some of the Rhinowares great feature (and I’m leaving the best one til last!)

  • Best quality stainless steel housing for easy cleaning and static free grinding.
  • Conical ceramic burrs giving you the best grind.
  • Great range of different grinds from smooth to coarse.
  • Can hold up to 42 grams of  beans
  • Comes with a protective carry bag for travelling.
  • Smooth grinding motion

So, not included above, but without doubt THE best feature of the Rhinowares hand coffee grinder is that it comes with a little adapter that allows you to fit it into another coffee making travelling great – the Aeropress.

As such as huuuge fan of travelling and someone who’s actually (like really I have) taken the Aeropress on their travels half way around the world then I think this little grinder absolutely rocks. I love the fact that you can carry it anyway and the quality of the grind is such that you can feel like you’re at home having a cup of coffee in your own kitchen.

I implore you to give this one a try if you love Aeropress, and if you don’t love Aeropress then what the hell is wrong with you?! At only £34.95 with free UK delivery this little grinder is a steal.

A decent and compact grinder. We say it’s good value

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