Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder

Porlex Mini Mill Hand Coffee Grinder

It’s all well and good having all the gadgets to make that perfect cup of coffee but for lots of us storing these items can be an issue. A regular hand coffee grinder can be quite bulky and awkward to store in your kitchen cupboard. However there is something quite satisfying about pouring in those beans and freshly grinding them by hand, something you don’t get from electronic grinders. So how what can you use to gain more space without sacrificing the quality of your ground coffee?


Well one answer is the Porlex Mini Mill Hand Grinder. From only 45 pounds you can get the great grind you want whilst the ease of it coming in such a compact unit. Plus, Porlex hand grinders are compatible with another travel favourite – the Aeropress


This beautifully designed little hand coffee grinder makes light work of grinding coffee despite it’s size. At only 13cm tall and 5cm wide it’s perfect for getting the grind you want without taking up loads of space. It’s also perfect for travelling with if you can’t bear to be without perfectly freshly ground beans. You can also check out its slightly bigger bro – the Porlex tall coffee grinder.

Considering its size it still holds enough grounds in the chamber to make an espresso for 2 people so no need to panic if you have that guest over for coffee, there is enough for all!

The handle is very easily removed allowing for easy storage and makes for quick assembly when you want to get those beans ground. It may sound like a little thing being able to remove the handle but I know how much easier it makes to store when it can be taken off and tucked out of the way.

Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder
The Porlex is genuinely well made

The settings on this hand grinder can be adjusted to create anything from a fine powder ground all the way up to a French grind, something to suit everybody’s taste. The powder grind is even fine enough for a Turkish coffee.

I know from experience that some hand coffee grinders can feel like you’re going through an intense arm workout just to get a single cup of coffee or they are just a nightmare to keep stable long enough to manage to get the handle turning at all. Will the Porlex Mini Mill hand grinder this isn’t an issue, the silicone bands provide a good amount of grip to be able to get a good hold and the conical burrs make grinding a breeze!

The stainless steel exterior gives it a lovely modern quality to it whilst the silicone banding provides the grip but also makes for nice detail. It may be easy to store but you might just want to keep it on the side as it does look so good!


This hand coffee grinder is a nice all rounder. Beautifully sleek looking but also delivers the quality ground coffee that any discerning coffee lover will want.

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