Old Brown Java Dark Beans

Redber Old Brown Java, Dark Beans. Roasted to Order, 1kg

I’ve added these to our coffee beans page for the simple reason that I’ve had them on several occasions and I think they make a really good cup of coffee. As well as brewing equipment, Redber specialise in in beans from pretty much every continent and I think they’re pretty good at it.

Old Brown Java Dark Beans, from Redber
Old Brown Java Dark Beans, from Redber

Old Brown Java is sometimes known as Old Government Coffee or simply Old Brown Coffee. This is a true Java, that is to say it’s actually Indonesia – the old colonial estates on the east end of Java Island to be precise. Believe it or not Old Brown was actually used as ballast on sailing ships which were travelling to Europe in the 15 and 1600’s. It is said that it was during these voyages the coffee would get its distinctive flavour from the sea water.

It is heavily bodied and light acidity and uses a 2-7 year weathering process in order to give it its sweetness. Before the beans are roasted they are exposed to the rich, moist Indonesian air which is prevalent in the rainy season. This process is called monsooning and gives the beans a far stronger taste, as well as darkening the unroasted green bean.

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Where? Amazon.co.uk – How much? £15.50 per kg (£1.55 per 100g)

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