Kopi Luwak

Indonesian Kopi Luwak – AKA Civet cat coffee

Kopi Luwak coffee
Indonesian Kopi Luwak

If you don’t know about Kopi Luwak coffee then where have you been? They’re coffee beans that been passed through a civets digestive system. Yes you heard right, pooed out by a civet cat. As disgusting as this might sound they are known to be a gourmet bean. Often even referred to as the world best coffee (Although, as you can see HERE so is Jamaican Blue Mountain!)

Kopi Luwak aren’t everybody’s cup of tea (or coffee rather) because there are often issues with battery farming of civets. Often however, they are responsibly sourced and we wouldn’t put anything on coffee-grinders.co.uk which isn’t ethically sound. These particular beans come only from wild Kopi Luwak and as such no civets were harmed in the making of this product!

Luwaks spend their nights roaming through coffee plantations and are know for only eating the best of the berries available to them. Only those which are perfectly ripened, with the right water content and the perfect acidity. This is why the Kopi Luwak is picked for the job. Many animals scavenge around the floor of plantations and eat beans but they don’t all have the ability to pick the perfect bean. The other reason for the perfect bean is the process it goes through once inside the Kopi Luwak. The intestinal enzymes of the Luwak remove any bitterness leaving an almost perfectly processed and natural coffee bean.

With a distinct lack of bitterness that many coffees suffer from, Kopi Luwak is definitely a good tasting coffee. It’s one of those coffees that’s famous, or infamous, depending on how it is sourced. Providing you’re sure that the Kopi you’re buying responsibly sourced, ‘free range’, and from wild civets, I see no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy this rather special coffee.

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