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Jamaican Blue Mountain

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Jamaican Blue Mountain has been dubbed as ‘The finest coffee in the world’. But is this title justified and is it worth the dollar?

Jamaican Blue Mountain
The best coffee beans in the world?

Also know as ‘The champagne of coffee‘, they are 100% Arabica beans – for those who don’t know although I’m assuming that most of you do, there are basically two primary types of coffee bean used for cultivating and drinking. These are Arabica and Robusta.

Personally, my experience of Blue Mountain has varied. When I first bought them in a little coffee shop down in Cornwall I wasn’t very keen. Since then I have bought Blue Mountain coffee a number of times and it has been pretty hit and miss. I think the reason for that is the rise in popularity of it since it became known as ‘the worlds best coffee’. When anything is proclaimed as ‘the best’ then you get imitations and poor substitutes, often blended with inferior grades claiming to be the original and best.

These Blue Mountain beans by Coffee Roasters of Jamaica are fairly decent. In fact they are actually certified by the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board, which the highest body regulating coffee in Jamaica. It’s one of the ‘must try’ coffees, like Kopi Luwak, and various other beans.

These are £42.99. Jamaican Blue Mountain beans are typically quite expensive but you do get a lot of beans for your buck. It works out at £9.47 per 100g.

check it out - Jamaican Blue Mountain
Where? – How much? £42.99 (9.47 per 100g)

For a larger variety pf Jamaican Blue Mountain visit Amazons Blue Mountain page. Here’s a review of De Wynns coffee shop in Flamouth, Cornwall. I love this place!

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