Hario coffee grinder CMHC-4C

Hario CMHC-4C 1-Piece

If you want to buy a Hario coffee grinder then coffee-grinders.co.uk gives the Hario CMHC-4C 1-Piece Ceramic Canister Coffee Mill 

Hario coffee grinder
The Hario coffee grinder has great traditional looks.

If you’re going to buy a Hario coffee grinder then maybe this is the one for you. They seem to prove really really popular. I guess because of their retro slash vintage style. Anybody with a traditional type kitchen is going to love them. So we can agree, they look pretty cool, but all that doesn’t really matter if a coffee mill doesn’t do the job that’s intended does it?

Well, despite the early 20th Century styling Hario have made this grinder using great parts including a non-slip rubber cover at the bottom of the collection jar. The jar itself will hold around 120g of coffee.

Like most good coffee grinders this one works using ceramic burrs which allow for different settings meaning you can leave your grind as coarse or as fine as you wish. Its grind adjustment is really, really straight forward. Ease of use is often a great benefit with using manual grinders and often the main reason for buying one.

Hario is a Japanese company. Now you might not automatically think Japan when you think of coffee but they love it over there. This passions combined with the brilliance of Japanese engineering means Hario make some absolutely fantastic coffee grinders. Check out the Hario Skerton for example. It’s the more contemporary brother of the Hario CMHC-4C. You can also find Hario grinders on our top 12 coffee grinder review of 2016

Hario make some great manual grinders and often appear one lists of best grinders including our own. Theycome highly recommended by coffee-grinders.co.uk. We give this one 3.5 stars

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