Decaf Coffee Beans.

The guide to Decaf Coffee Beans

Millions of us enjoy a coffee every day and lots of us love several. I myself will drink around 4 to 5 cups a day. I’ve no real idea how healthy this amount of coffee is I but I simply can’t function properly in the mornings without a nice strong cup. The problem is I also love coffee just for the taste, I don’t necessarily won’t a big caffeine hit, especially at night time. Before I go to bed I like to sit and relax watching something rubbish on tv with a big mug of milky coffee. Although this is total comfort for me I know that the caffeine will have an adverse effect on the quality of my sleep, definitely not ideal!

decaf coffee beans

Too much caffeine can also lead to other side effects that are not so pleasant, I have started to notice that if I don’t get my caffeine fix I will get a headache. It is time for me to gently wean in a decaffeinated replacement.

Of course there is decaffeinated coffee available but what I use are freshly ground beans. So is it still possible to get the great fresh coffee taste you can only get from grinding your own beans but with decaf coffee beans? And if so do they still taste just as good?

What we first should understand is how the coffee is decaffeinated in the first place. I feel like this is something I want to know when buying coffee.  I want to know what processes my beans has gone through.

There are two main processes of decaffeination. One solvent based and one non solvent based. These can be broken down again but essentially the solvent processes use varying chemicals to remove the caffeine and the non-solvent uses either water or CO2 to remove the caffeine. For me it is about taste but I much prefer the idea of no chemicals being used during the decaffeination process. However when beans are roasted it is at such high temperatures that any remnants of chemicals will likely to have been destroyed.

However for me the most important factor when it comes to buying decaf coffee beans is that I can’t tell they are decaffeinated! I don’t want weak flavored coffee, I want coffee that smells beautiful, wonderfully rich and full of flavor.  Luckily there are beans on offer that do just that!

Here a few choice options of coffee beans available, varying in strength, decaffeination process and recipe, there is choice for everyone!

Rave Coffee Sparkling Water Blend Decaffeinated Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans 1KG

The beans offer great value for money at only 16 pounds per kilo. They have a great rich flavor that will leave you unable to tell that they are not your usual caffeinated bean. Best of all these are decaffeinated using the Swiss water method, none of the caffeine all of the taste!

The only slight downside is that maybe you need to brew it a few minutes longer to extract all of that amazing flavour otherwise your coffee can end up quite flat.

Lavazza DEK decaffeinated Coffee Espresso 500g Beans

At 9.95 for 500g these are slightly pricier but definitely worth the expense if you are looking for the perfect cup of decaffeinated coffee. Lavazza are a big brand so I had high expectations which weren’t disappointed!

These beans are decaffeinated using a water process, so no nasty chemicals here!

The flavor is full of body and nice and smooth. Also incredibly hard to tell it was decaff! This is the perfect alternative to your usual caffeine filled cup!

illy Decaffeinated Espresso Coffee Beans 250 g (Pack of 2)

Another trusted coffee brand with their decaf coffee beans, at 12.31 pounds per 500g it is at the pricier end of the scale.

Another water process method of decaffeination, something that you are more likely to come cross when you pay more for your beans given that the water process is so intensive, therefore more expensive.

Brown Bottle 500 Grams Cafetiere Grind Decaffeinated Brazil Ground Coffee

Even though these decaf beans are 15.95 for 500g I think they are well worth it. Firstly no chemicals are used in the decaffeination process and you can choose how you want them to come bit it whole bean or ground for cafetière or machine.

Despite claiming to be a medium roast they are in actual fact quite dark but don’t let that deter you. The taste is still wonderfully smooth and without the horrible bitter aftertaste. These are honestly comparable to some of the best caffeinated beans, there is no way you can tell the difference by taste.

Pelican Rouge Decaf Coffee Blend 1 kg

At 10.44 per kilo these beans are an absolute bargain! At strength 3 they aren’t knock your socks off but a nice mellow flavor that will make a great any time of the day type cup of coffee.

Whether decaff coffee beans are for you or not is something that only you can decide with the aid of many, many great articles on the net. If you prefer your beans caffeinated then check our coffee beans page. Whichever coffee you choose I akways recommend drinking REAL coffee. Frechly ground and straight to the cup!


Find out more about decaf coffee beans and their possible health benefits by watching this video.