Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish, The World’s Strongest Coffee, Whole Bean, Fair Trade, Organic, Shade Grown, 16 oz Bag

Ok, so total honesty here – I’ve never tried these beans but I want to. I felt obliged to put them in simply because the ‘lad’ side of me demanded it. You know, the side that says ‘…try the hottest curry…drive as fast as you can…’ And who wouldn’t want to try Death Wish Coffee!

Death Wish Coffee
Do you have a deathwish?

Death Wish market their coffee as the ‘Worlds Strongest but despite what you’d expect from its name this coffee is actually very socia-economically and eco friendy. It’s fair trade and organic. So while you’re killing yourself with enough caffeine to sink a blue whale you can be assured that the producers and the planet were well looked after





So at £19 for 6oz (just under half a kilo) are you (wo)man enough to try it?

check it out - Death Wish Coffee
Where? – How much? £19

For more on ‘The World Strongest Coffee’ visit or find their products on their page.


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