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So you’re fed up with crap coffee? We too were once philistines who drank from the instant well. We wrecked our bodies, our minds and our souls with disgusting tar like liquid (bit dramatic but you get my point). How to save your soul? Get the beans you like, grind them, and make coffee the way you like it. So become a coffee aficionado, try different beans, different brewing processes, and get a good grinder! There’s oomph loads of choice when it comes to buying a coffee grinder. It’s literally a grindy beany minefield so heres our ‘Coffee Grinder Reviews‘ on the best coffee grinders whether your ponchant is for French press, drip, or expresso.

Your basic grinder can sound like Simon Cowell’s teeth when he’s confronted with ‘Jedward’ and will often produce irregular grinds. the grind may be coarser and the grinder will often generate high temperatures. This isn’t good – a fine grind is essential for the production of espresso and high temperatures can ruin flavour. As such a grinder which produces a consistently regular grind and operates at low temperature is neccessary to get the full effect of the essential oils which will distinguish good java from a cruddy blend and it will give the ‘crema’ which is characteristic of espresso.  So, speil over, here are what we consider ‘some REALLY GOOD burr grinders’ Dah Dah dah…– We begin with our featured grinder, from the De’Longhi range and then some other pretty darn decent grinders.

Coffee Grinder Reviews Featured Grinder – The De’Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder

These grinders have a great reputation and our my opinion it’s totally justified. Kitchenaid grinders are barista quality so to get one of these you will need to be seriously into you coffee.

De'Longhi professional burr ginder
De’Longhi have always made fantastic coffee making products
Coffee Grinder Reviews Performance Rating

This product is great for medium and course grind brewing. It’s good looking and has a straight path for the grind and glass hoppers and catchers so you can watch your coffee go from beans to ground. It will easily hold 120g of beans whch is around 3 cups (depending on how strong you like your coffee of course. All types of preparation will be smooth any more after buying this product – whether french press, espresso or drip (As seen in the film below).

Price £40-45

This is an excellent choice and De’Longhi provide great customer service. This particular grinder usually retails from £40-£45

Overall Rating

With all this considered the De’Longhi KG79 burr grinder gets a big thumbs up. It does the job brilliantly and is well worth the price.

De’Longhi burr grinders are available on Click HERE to view, and for more on De’Longhi products go to or

Click here for our ‘Best Coffee Grinder – Top 12 Review’

Although blade grinders are popular (and available on this site), here at we recommend burr grinders. A conical burr grinder will pulverise your favourite beans to your specific requirements. Low speeds are preferable to high speeds as high temperatures produced by high speed machines can change the character and flavour of the grind. A reasonable price for a good quality electric grinder is probably around £100 although good ones can be found at a cheaper price. Just exactly how much you pay is up to you but we’ve found that grinders are one of those things where, in general, you get what you pay for.

For those of you who don’t want to pay for an electric grinder, or just need an arm workout, here’s a great hand grinder. These have sold like hot cakes on various websites and continue to do so. There has to be a good reason for that!

The Hario Hand Grinder
Hario Hand Grinder - Coffee Grinder Reviews
The Hario Hand Grinder

The Hario undoubtedly does the job like a good’un —  it’s easily portable and inexpensive. Alas, maybe not the best for those producing a high volume or coffee or espresso lovers. You can throw it in the dishwasher and it has adjustable conical ceramic burrs. Unmarked settings let it down as we like to know exactly what we’re doing don’t we? It’s as slow or fast as your ability to turn the crank. So it does what it says on the tin but does it do it well? The answer is, it does it ‘OK’. But, all things for considered for the rock bottom priced or around £22 it’s really not bad. If the Hario tickles your fancy click here to view at

Sage Appliances ‘The Smart Grinder’
smart grinder - coffee grinder reviews
The Smart Grinder

The Sage Appliances ‘Smart Grinder’ by Heston Blumenthal is affordable technology and will save you the dead arms that a manual grinder can give you and is extremely easy to clean (we like easy-to-clean). However, it doesn’t have the grinding range of some other models but you get airtight coffee storage (essential for fresh coffee), 25 settings, and automatic dosage have. The feed may get blocked when going for finer grinds but as we’ve said it is easy to clean. £200 may sound like a lot but you do get a decent amount of grinder for your money. Click here to view at

Hario Canister Ceramic 1 Piece Coffee Mill

Ok, so here’s a nother video review for you courtesy of the youtube channel (Which is new so please subscribe!). I really like the look of this grinder. I say that because I’ve never actually used one which is why I’ve put up this guys video review. I love the style of it – the clear tray for your grind, the size and the antiquey look. Anyway check out the video and see what you think. They’re available at at the very modest price of £32.66.

For some great beans for your new grinder go to our beans page.

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