burr grinders

As we already have said in our ‘Why a coffee grinder…?’ section a good burr grinder is the mainstay of any self-respecting coffee geeks toolbox. Whether this is an electric burr grinder or a manual burr grinder. A good burr grinder will give you a consistently good grind. This allows you to make good coffee to the same exact standards over and over again.

For the love of a burr grinder…

One of the great things about coffee is the variety. It’s fantastic to try different beans from different parts of the world, finding blends you love, and ones you might not love quite as much. Then of course there are the different ways of preparing your favour rite bean. And of course the many different grinders available. Burr grinders have been used by coffee connoisseur for literally centuries and come in all shapes and sizes.

Antique burr grinders
Burr grinders have been around for many years


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