Best Drip Coffee Maker

Best Drip Coffee Maker

Drip Coffee makers are gods send for those of us with limited time but still want a real coffee. With the right machine and right method it is still possible to get a great cup of coffee with depth of flavour without having to have an espresso as a base.

A drip coffee maker was my very first foray into the world of coffee that didn’t involve a jar of Nescafe. It was literally the cheapest plastic one that sat over a cup but it was a revelation. I had no idea that with something so simple I could recreate the kind of back coffee you get in a café. If you’re unsure what I mean when i refer to drip coffee making take a look at this video.

So to decide between your manual and electric? To get the best drip coffee for you it is important to figure out what’s more important.

Ease of Use

With the manual ones they are extremely basic which means easy to use and very easy to clean. However to best develop the coffee in a drip maker then it’s best to put the water in a little at a time to help develop the flavour, with a  manual this requires a little bit of patience and hanging around until the water has filtered through. With an electric drip coffee maker this is of course done for you but they can be more of a faff to clean and prepare.

Added Extras

Added extras on a manual drip maker really extend to a jug and possibly a removable filter o if it’s bells and whistles you are after then a manual probably isn’t the best drip coffee maker for you. The electric ones can have heat plates and timers etc. So it’s back to basics or something a bit more technological.


As with everything price is always a factor. You can buy a the best drip coffee maker for you for a few pounds or find another you love for hundreds and everything in between, there is so much variety between these products, there is something to suit everyone’s budget.

So let’s find out a few of the best drip coffee makers out there

The Best manual drip coffee makers

Marvellissimo Steel Coffee Dripper

Price:  £9

Serves:  1 Large Mug, 3-4 cups.

Filter: Reusable ( if using finer ground and if being super lazy paper filter can be used)

This is the most basic drip coffee products but is most definitely one of the best. So simple to use, so easy to clean and also not a bad looking bit of kitchen equipment either!

Simply place over your mug put in coffee grounds, pour hot water and wait to filter through. It couldn’t be easier and for only £9. You really don’t need to break the bank to get a regular supply of good coffee!

You can get even cheaper versions of these in plastic but I like the stainless steel, it gives it a lovely quality look and feel to it. It looks special rather than bog standard and basic.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

Price: £20

Serves: 2 Large Mugs, 4-6 cups.

Filter: Reusable

For those wanting something a bit more special from a manual maker then this is the best drip coffee maker  for you. This beautifully designed maker is really something to look at whilst being practical. The stainless steel fine filter eliminates the need for paper ones.

The glass sphere collects the coffee which then you can pour to whomever you like!

Kitchencraft Drip Coffee Jug Set

Price: £16

Serves: 1 Large Mug 3 Cups

Filter: Disposable

Ok so this is more of a jug, but the main bit for me is the plastic drip coffee maker. This is the simplest but best drip coffee maker you can get. You can’t break them, twist them, bend them, all you have to do is give it a rinse when done.

No it isn’t the prettiest of pieces but it gets the job done. The glass jug underneath also makes it much easier to serve to multiple people, not quickly whipping the drip coffee maker to the next cup (been there done that, doesn’t end well).  . Just remove drip coffee maker, pop on the lid to the jug and serve away. It does require the disposable paper filters but they do make cleaning these much easier than getting coffee grinds clogging up your sink!

Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker

Price £30

Serves: 3 cup

Filter: Reusable

This compact drip coffee maker is a real neat little package. The laser cut steel filter fits beautifully in the glass surround. Simply put the ground into the filter, pour in hot water and once filtered through remove and serve straight from the glass jug. It couldn’t be easier. If you want something that makes a great cup of coffee and looks great then this could be the best drip coffee maker for you!

Diguo Vietnamese Coffee Filter set

Price: £15

Serves: 1 Mug

Filter: Reusable

How on earth do you recreate those deliciously sweet cold iced coffees that you get in south east Asia? Well you have found the answer. If it’s the South East Asian experience you want then this is the best drip coffee maker for you!

This isn’t quite as simple to you as the others; the setup is almost that of a percolator except you just put hot water in, no need for a stove.

The coffee sits in the bottom of the chamber whilst a filter gets pushed on top of it. As the water drains through there is a little bit of pressure creating a strong brew that your average drip coffee but not as strong as a stove top moka pot espresso.

Still super easy to use, just put it over the top of your mug containing condensed milk, fill with coffee grounds ,then add your water and watch it brew.

The Best Electric Drip Coffee Machine

Vonchef Coffee Maker

Price: £26

Serves: 14 cups

Filter: Reusable

For an electric drip coffee maker this one is very compact and neat. Something I try to go for, I don’t like having lots of bulky kitchen gadgets on my counters! So what makes this the best drip coffee maker besides its look? Well it’s very easy to use, you put in the coffee, fill up the water tank and press on, that’s it! Or if you want coffee but not right now then there is a delay brew button which allows you to set a time for when you are ready for your cup of coffee. A nice quick brewing time and a jug that has plenty of capacity and of course not forgetting all of this for only £26, perfect!

Igenix Bean To Cup Coffee Maker

Price: £67

Serves:  12 Cups

Filter: Reusable

If you are more of a drip coffee type of person but want something that extra bit special then this is the drip coffee maker for you.

With the Igenix it’s bean to cup in a matter of minutes. There is no worrying about what grind to get or doing it yourself, just put the beans in the top and let the machine do the hard for you. It has all the other features you could want too, warming plate, delay timer.

The aesthetics of this machine are pleasant too; I certainly wouldn’t be  upset if this was sat on my kitchen tops.

Morphy Richards Filter Coffee Maker

Price: £45

Serves: 12 Cups

Filter: Reusable


Sometimes when you wake up you need a real kick in the face with caffeine, other times say in the middle of the day you fancy some coffee but something that’s a bit mellow? Then this is the perfect drip coffee maker for you!

With its strength adjuster you can pick the type of coffee you want, when you want. It’s pour over style of brewing creates a wonderfully smooth cup of coffee. For a drip coffee maker, this machine is very versatile in a way that isn’t unnecessary.

Russell Hobbs purity Brita Filter Coffee Maker

Price: £50

Serves: 10 Cups

Filter: Reusable


If you like something a little bit different than this one is going to be the best drip coffee maker for you!

This has a built in Brita filter attached to help create that perfectly smooth cup, but it doesn’t end there. The main housing is clear so you can see exactly how your coffee is being made. It’s well worth buying for that alone!


VonChef One Cup Personal Coffee Filter Machine

Price: £15

Serves: 1 Mug

Filter: Reusable


Is it just you on your tod? Do you love a fresh cup of coffee on the go but are on a budget? Well look no further because this is the best drip coffee maker for you!

You can have a coffee ready in you mug to go in just 5 minutes, super easy to use, no fuss to clean out, and simplicity at its best. There are a lot of times when people have no need for big machines but still want the convenience they provide.  For just £15 it is also a bargain!