Best Coffee Percolator in 2017

Finding the best coffee percolator to make your coffee beautiful…

So you’ve bought some great coffee beans and you’ve bought yourself the best coffee grinder you can find so now you’re going to need a a good coffee maker and using the best coffee percolator you can find is often the best way to do it.

However, deciding which is the best coffee percolator can be a tricky decision, there are a few things to be taken into consideration, the main one being do you want a percolator or what is known as a ‘Moka Pot’? Now when I think of percolator then image I think of is in fact a moka pot, the main difference being in how they are brewed.

best coffee percolator
A coffee percolator

The best coffee percolator will deliver you a full cup of coffee whereas a moka pot is perfect for a perky little espresso. However for the sake of ease when it comes to searching for these products I will refer to all stove top coffee makers as percolators

So what is it you will need to bear in mind when it comes to choosing the best coffee percolator for you?

Number one, the type of coffee you would like. Are you an espresso connoisseur or just want a nice simple Americano in the morning? This is probably the main priority when it comes to deciding the best coffee percolator for you. From this base you can then prioritise the other factors such as, price, material and capacity.

coffee percolator
A stove top coffee maker, or moka pot

So here are some examples of the best coffee percolators with varying degrees of affordability.

1. Elgento E011/MO 12 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

Ok this isn’t strictly a stove top, more a plug in one but it most definitely is the definition of a coffee percolator. It will not only make you your coffee but also keep it at a nice temperature without the risk of stewing the coffee.

It’s a better version of an electric drip coffee machine.

It has a very generous 1.8 L capacity, about 9 good mugs of coffee.

The stainless steel body and filter are rust resistant which always helps.

This is a very sleek design for a classic percolator but also practical, wouldn’t look out of place in any modern kitchen. And at only £55 this coffee percolator is not to be sniffed at!

2. Shabby chic coffee percolator

If you are into shabby chic and upcycling then this is the best coffee percolator for you. Produces a lovely cup of coffee straight from the stove and looks beautiful doing it.

The enamel body gives it a traditional feel with a quality look but also has a large capity to produce around 6 mugs of coffee.

Ok so I may not be the most amazing coffee you have ever tasted but it does the job and providing you put in the right beans you will have a great cup of coffee every time and all for only for only £30.

3. Stansport Outdoor Percolator

This is the all-terrain version of the best coffee percolator, perfect for those of us who love the outdoors but also a real cup of coffee.

The aluminium body is robust enough for in the middle of nowhere but also wouldn’t look out of place sat on top of your stove. It’s very generous 9 cup capacity means no one will be going without.

The only downside is as with all coffee machines this one may need a little bit of figuring out. Finding the right will prevent some of it ending up in your drink or you can of course use filter paper.

However for something that is so easy to use at home and away I wouldn’t shy away from it.

All of this amazing coffee possibility for only £30.

4. Bialetti Moka Express

Not to be confused with the Bialetti Mini express- this mini percolator creates up to 6 beautifully brewed espressos. The classic Bialetti design never failing to impress both visually and practically.

Easy, no fuss good coffee for only £30.


Andrew James Percolator


It wouldn’t be a review of kitchen items without an Andrew James product!

Now despite the fact that they are diverse you know the quality of the products will always remain high with Andrew James. It may not be the best coffee percolator in the world but it will most definitely produce a lovely espresso.

The black body also makes a refreshing change from the standard silver bodies of others. This coffee percolator will make 6 cups at the bargain price of just £7 but it is also available in other sizes.

Alessi Espresso Maker



Ok, so at £100 this is definitely at the pricier end of things however the quality of this product is second to none. Alessi are masters of beauty and usability. This is most definitely one of the best coffee percolators you can buy.

It’s stainless steel solid and everything clicks into place perfectly to make a beautiful espresso. Everything a coffee lover could want!


Alessi Pulcina Espresso Maker

Ok I know it’s the second Alessi in the list but I couldn’t resist showing you this coffee percolator with it’s stand out design. It isn’t only a coffee maker but the cast aluminium design becomes a piece of art in your kitchen that makes a lovey espresso too!

It is also probably one of the cheapest pieces of art you will buy that can make you an espresso at the same time, for only £45 it is a steal!

Pantone Coffee Maker

This beautiful coffee percolator will wake you up before you have even brewed any coffee with its vibrant colour! Not only is it striking in colour it also makes a fab espresso, up to 6 of them in fact.

Pantone coffee kit is great looking stuff and the Pantone stove top is solidly made, not just style over substance which can sometimes be the case and for £30 still a very reasonable price for such a great coffee percolator.

[easyazon_image align="left" cart="n" cloak="y" height="160" identifier="B000AA89GW" locale="UK" localize="y" nw="y" nf="y" src="" tag="uktaxidermyne-21" width="160"]

So one last best percolator coffee surprise, the surprise being with this Bialetti make you can make a cappuccino or latte on the stove!!

Using a valve system this Italian coffee maker genius has come up with a way of getting two lovely quality milky coffees from a stove top machine. It is so simple to use and to clean, no fuss unlike many electric cappuccino and latte makers.

The quirky design only enhances its attraction as the best coffee percolator. For only £50 you will never have to visit a café again, I would say that’s definitely value for money!

Bialetti Brikka Espresso

So it’s just another percolator? Wrong, nope not a Moka either. This is a Brikka.

What makes this different is the vave. This valve allows the pressure of the water going through the grounds to increase far more than a standard pot. The temperature also increases. The result is an espresso more akin to something a good quality espresso machine would create, the crema.

Bialetti are the kings of moka pots and this product doesn’t disappoint. For only £35 you can create a beautiful espresso out of the perfectly designed aluminium and silver pot.

GAT Amore Espresso Coffee maker

This stylish espresso maker is brought to us by the Italian brand GAT. It’s striking design would look beautiful on top of your stove, especially the gold plated detailing on the handle and lid and it’s contrast to the stainless steel body.

This espresso maker can brew up to 6 cups but also has a removable plate which can be placed into the boiler to reduce the amount of cups and therefore brewing time. Perfect if for yourself and if you have guests.

Slightly on the pricier side at £40 but well worth it when it looks great and of course produces a lovey espresso.

Bialetti Mini Express

Now this is one cool mini percolator. From grounds to perfect coffee in your espresso cup before your very eyes! This little beauty is made out of reinforced aluminium and works well on any hob apart from induction.

Simply place your espresso cups on the plate below the tube and wait for the magic to happen. This is a total bargain at only £21.95. Word of warning however, make sure that the cup handles are not poking over the edge of the plate otherwise you will end up with some extremely hot handles and very sore fingers!