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Best Coffee Grinder Reviews 2017

Best Coffee Grinder Reviews 2017

In search of the worlds best coffee grinder – The top 12 review prides itself on being an authority on coffee grinders. With this in mind we’ve decided to review the 12 bestselling coffee grinders. Ulitmately, we’re looking for the best coffee grinder. So here’s our comprehensive list.

The grinders featured on this page are ranked in no particular order.They are all commercially available from,, or other trusted marketplace websites. They are not those found simply in the realm of the professional barista – We’ve made sure of this so that the grinders featured are easily available to any consumer reading this review. If you want to find out more about any of the coffee grinders in the review simply folloBest coffee grinder reviews 2017w the links on this page.

By consensus, these are some of the best coffee grinders which can be bought today. But which is the best coffee grinder? This will depend on what coffee you drink, how you take it and a multiple of other factors. Therefore, the best of these is a decision that only you can make!


The Best Coffee Grinder of 2017

  1. Andrew James Coffee (Nut and Spice) Grinder
  2. Cuisinart Professional Burr Coffee Mill
  3. The De’Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder

    Best coffee grinder reviews 2017-1
    A typical burr grinder mechanism
  4. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder (110 Watt)
  5.  Dualit 75015 Coffee Grinder
  6. Krups Expert GVX231
  7. Bodum 10903-565UK Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder
  8. La Cafetiere Electric Coffee Bean Grinder
  9. Kalita Coffee Cafe Nice Cut Mill
  10. Hario Ceramic Burr Hand Grinder
  11. Zassenhaus Panama Coffee Mill
  12. Hario Slim Grinder Mini Coffee Mill

Below are in-depth reviews in the hope we can find the best coffee grinder of 2017. There is a mix of blade of grinders and burr grinders. For coffee I’d always recommend a blade grinder but this is down to personal preference and many people will asay they like a blade grinder. A burr grinder will allow you to adjust your grind depending on what coffee you like to drink whereas a blade grinder just blitzs it all! Please share and comment and if you’d like to put a grinder forward as the best coffee grinder of 2017 please let us know.

  1.  The first contender on the best coffee grinder review is the Andrew James Coffee (Nut and Spice) Grinder. Until recently I knew very little about Andrew James’ kitchenware. However, my girlfriend was given a mixer for Christmas and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. When speaking to a friend about this he mentioned that he had used this grinder for quite a while and had nothing but good to say about it. I checked it out and had to agree. It does the job excellently and is really well made.
Best coffee grinder- Top 12 review - Andrew James Coffee Grinder
Andrew James Coffee Grinder

This is an all-purpose grinder so it’s also good for nuts and spices, and pretty much anything you want to grind! However this also means it’s a blade grinder. While it does the job and is definitely a good looking little grinder, it doesn’t do for coffee as well as a burr grinder will so isn’t really for those connoisseurs among us. Reasons why are explained on our Why a coffee grinder…? page.

It has a 70g capacity which is around 10 cups, 150w motor and puch button control for easy operation.

As with most kitchenware from Andrew James it’s beautifully designed and easy to use. However, the fact that it’s a blade grinder and not a burr grinder will deter those in-the-know about coffee. That said, it’s a great all purpose grinder and at £13.99 it’s cheap at twice the price.

best coffee grinder product button
Where?, How much? £13.99

For coffee making products from Andrew James click HERE or to be redirected to Andrew James Worldwide click HERE

2. The next grinder is brought to us by Cuisinart. It’s the Cuisinart Professional Burr Coffee Mill. I should say that I’ve never used anything made Cuisinart so this review is based purely on second-hand evidence (I wouldn’t want to give you the bums rush would I? Whatever the bums rush is!)

Best coffee grinder- Top 12 review - Cuisinart Professional Burr Coffee Mill
Cuisinart Professional Burr Coffee Mill

Cuisinart is a North American company and by all accounts their products are pretty well made. As you can see they also look very cool. It’s heavy duty and has 18 settings so you can ground your java from ultra fine to ultra coarse depending on the type of coffee you like and hopw you’re making it. It has a beans chamber with a lid at the top and you can decide how much grind you want too.

As with most grinders in a fairly modest price range don’t expect this grinder to fulfill all your grinding needs, but it certainly is a good grinder for the price of around £50.00.


Cuisinart Professional Burr Coffee Mill
Where?, How Much? £53

To see more coffee making products and kitchenware from Cuisinart click HERE or to be redirected to the Cuisinart UK website click HERE

3The De’Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder. What a great grinder for the money. It’s not overly expensive at around £30 and as with most De’ Longhi products you’re getting quality.

Best coffee grinder- Top 12 review - The De'Longhi KG79 - Great value for money
The De’Longhi KG79 – Great value for money


It’s basic, does what it says on the tin. It has a bean capacity of about 120 grams, cup selector and separate grind selecter dials, and both the bean holder and the powder container are transparent so you can see what’s going on.

It’s says suggests it’s a professional grinder but I’d argue this as it’s not the sort of grinder you’d see a professional barista using in a coffee shop. However, for home use I think it’s a fantastic grinder and one which is fantastic value for money.

Best coffee grinder - De'Longhi KG79
Where?, How Much? £29.99

To see more coffee making products and kitchenware from De’Longhi click HERE or to be redirected to the De’Longhi website click HERE

4. Ok, we’re getting to the meat and gravy now. These grinders sell like hot cakes and with good reason too. Although Baratza produce a wide range of grinders we’ve decided to focus primarily on the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder (110 Watt). It will give you different grinds for different coffees – from french press to espresso, and it will do to perfection too. It’s designed and engineered in Seattle – a city whos name has become synonymous with coffee making. Especially with the rise of Starbucks.

best coffee grinder - Baratza encore
The Baratza Encore – Serious grinding…

This is a step up from most grinders designed to be used at home and it’s price reflects that. At £118 it’s not the cheapest grinder on the market but if you’re getting serious about your coffee it’s a worthwhile investment.

It will grind your coffee beans at speeds from 0.8 – 1.1 grams a second and has a bean capacity of 227g. It’s a great looking machine and would beautifully adorn any kitchen worktop.

And if you’re SERIOUSLY SERIOUS Baratza do even fancier grinders like the Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder at £187, or the Baratza Preciso Coffee Grinder for a mere £330. Yes, Baratza grinders do seem like a lot of wonga to shell out on something that just smashes up your coffee beans but if you know anything about real coffee you’ll know that they’re the business.

Best coffee grinder - Baratza Encore
Where?, How Much? £118

To check out more Baratza coffee making products click HERE. Alternatively go to

5. Here’s another one for those of you who are seriously into your java. Its the Dualit 75015 Coffee Grinder. Dualit have a fantastic name for kitchenware but are far from cheap so if you’re buying this one you’re probably a real coffee aficionado.

Dualit 75015 Coffee GrinderThis is a really solid grinder. It’s robust, tough as its made almost totally from metal. With it’s 15 adjustable settings it will grind your beans to within an inch of their lives.

At £75 it seems like a lot of money but you’ll probably never have to buy another grinder as long as you live. I have used Dualit products quite a lot and they’re tough, very tough. With its old school, yet modern, looks it would look great in almost any kitchen.

Best coffee grinder - KitchenAid Artisan
Where?, How Much? £75

To see more coffee making products and kitchenware from Dualit click HERE or to be redirected to the Dualit website click HERE

6. I’ve always thought that perhaps ‘Krups’ wasn’t the most poetic name, even for coffee paraphernalia. The Krups Expert GVX231 has 17 (yes, 17) fineness settings and has a 12 cup capacity. It will allow you to select a grind for any style of coffee you wish to brew.

Best coffee grinder - Krups Expert GVX231
The Krups Expert GVX231

The word on the street is that this is an excellent burr grinder although perhaps a tad delicate and reviews suggest it may jam or fail if allowed to become blocked. However, if the manual is read correctly and said grinder is treated with care, there’s no reason this li’l puppy shouldn’t grind on and on and on. And lets face it, what do you expect for around £40?

I have to concede that this grinder isn’t the best looking I’ve ever seen. You could describe it as ‘straight forward’ – it is what it is and it does what it does. It’s really not a bad grinder at all for the pricetag of £40. It’s a little bit like owning a Skoda, reliable and altogether not too bad, but it doesn’t have the looks and flare of an Alfa Romeo does it?

Best coffee grinder - Krups Expert GVX231 Burr Coffee Grinder
Where?, How Much? £39.44

For more Krups coffee making products click HERE or to be redirected to the Krups website click HERE

7. Bodum have been producing staple products for coffee makers for many years now. The Bodum 10903-565UK Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder. In my opinion Bodum make superb coffee grinders. They’re a make you can trust, they’re generally well designed and made from good, robust materials. As for the quality of the grind, that’s usually pretty good too. I’d recommend these to those who are new to grinding or those who have been grinding their own for a while.

Best coffee grinder - Bodum 10903-565UK Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder
Bodum are known for their stylish products

This one holds 220 grams of beans and, like most of the grinder reviewed here has an adjustable grind feature allowing you to grind expresso to french press. Another cool feature included in the Bodum is a clutch which prevents any damage to the internal grinding gear. Also comes with a timed grinding button and a quick grind feature. Comes in a variety of colours ( personally I like the orange!)
The Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder is a snap at around £110. It may sound a lot to some but with Bodum you get what you pay for and then some.

The Bodum 10903-565UK Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder is available in a variety of colours including white, red and black. Some colours may be less expensive than others.

Best coffee grinder - Bodum 10903-565UK Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder
Where?, How Much? £116.96

For more coffee making products and kitchenware from Bodum click HERE or to visit the Bodum website click HERE

8. Ooo la la, und nowz we zav de La Cafetiere Electric Coffee Bean Grinder. Ok, so enough of my perfect French, lets talk about the God damn grinder eh? This one’s pretty cool for the money, just £42.

Best coffee grinder - 10. La Cafetiere Electric Coffee Bean Grinder
The very French looking La Cafetiere Electric Coffee Bean Grinder

It has 9 coarseness settings and an easy-to-clean container and has a bean capacity of 100g, which is around 12 cups. And is it me or does it look distinctly French?

This is a pretty decent grinder for the money although it’s not going to set the world alight like a KitchenAid or a good Bodum will. But hey, what do you expect for 42 quid – It does what it says on the tin.

La Cafetiere do make some wonderful coffee paraphernalia. More can be seen HERE(amazon page) or on their website.


Best coffee grinder - 10. La Cafetiere Electric Coffee Bean Grinder
Where?, How Much? £41.95

For more coffee making products from La Cafetiere click HERE or to visit the La Cafetiere website click HERE

9. This one is here purely for its vintage design and beauty. The Kalita Coffee Cafe Nice Cut Mill is the kind of grinder that would look fantastic in a retro fitted kitchen. It has those old style lines reminiscent of a grinder from the early 20th century and would look great on a work surface next to those battered old pots and pans.

Best coffee grinder - Kalita
The beautifully styled vintage Kalita


The Kalita is a blade grinder and doesn’t feature too many of them as most coffee drinkers like the adjustability, durability and grind quality of a burr grinder. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not a good grinder. On the contrary, reviews for this one are pretty good and it’s a scaled down version of a commercial one which means it’s going to be tough.


Kalita probably aren’t a name that you’re familiar with. It comes in at a price of £160 and is worth it if you’re looking to fit your kitchen with vintage look.

Best coffee grinder - Kalita
Where?, How Much? £159.99

If you’d like to see more products from Kalita click HERE or for the Kalita USA website they have no UK one!) click HERE

So you have to agree, there are some fantastic coffee grinders in our ‘Best coffee grinder – Top 12 review’, but so far they’ve all been electric grinders. Those traditionalists among us are thinking, ‘Great, but where are all the cool manual grinders?’. Well, you wont be disappointed because the last 3 on the list are just that – Some of the best manual coffee grinders we’ve come across.

10. The first of our manual coffee grinder is a natty little bit of kit of my opinion. It’s also one which many people have purchased through It’s the Hario Ceramic Burr Hand Grinder (Also known as the Skerton) and it’s very popular indeed which I guess must say something about it! ‘Hario’ is Japanese for ‘king of glass’ (apparently) and Hario have been manufacturing quality glassware since 1921.

Best coffee grinder - The Hario Skerton
Hario’s bestselling manual grinder

I guess this grinder does what it says on the tin – it grinds your coffee to a good standard is an ideal grinder especially for those who don’t want to spend a mint on a fancy-pants grinder and guess what? It’s one of amazon’s number 1 selling grinders! . This is due to its simplicity and effectiveness. The Hario Skerton is small and portable so is ideal for those who may want to take their grinder travelling with them. As such this grinder would be ideal to use in conjunction with a portible press such as the Aeropress.

The Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill is a snap at £24 and comes highly recommend by


Best coffee grinder - Hario Skerton
Where?, How Much? £23.56

For more Hario coffee making products click HEREor to visit the Hario website click HERE

11. The only way I can describe this one is ‘snazzzzy’. It really is a good looking piece of kit. It’s the beautifully designed Zassenhaus Panama Coffee Mill.

Best coffee grinder - The Zassenhaus Panama
Zassenhaus – Simplistic and beautiful

It made out of forged steel and has an easily adjustable coarseness setting so is good for grinding to produce all types of coffee. It’s grinding edges are also made from hardened steel so it’s a hardy mill as well as being guaranteed for 25 years! Yes, 25 years. With this in mind you’re never going to need another grinder. Well, not for a long, long time.

This is all because Zassenhaus are a German company that have been about for around 100 years. Of course Germany are world leaders in manufacturing and engineering. You only have to look at German cars to tell you that. All in all a great manual grinder and at around £65 quite frankly it’s cheap at twice the price. It’s probably the best coffee grinder I tested in 2016.

Best coffee grinder - Zassenhaus Panama Coffee Mill
Where?, How Much? £65.20

For more Zassenhaus coffee making products click HERE or to be redirected to the Zassenhaus website click HERE

12. This is also brought to you by Hario. What can I say? They make great hand grinders and in my view this is a deinfinite candidate for the best coffee grinder of 2017. It’s the Slim Grinder Mini Coffee Mill. Even more compact that the Skerton (Link) with the handle being easily removed you could store it or carry it practically anywhere!

Best Coffee Grinder - Hario Slim Grinder
The slimer of the Hario hand grinders

This one is easily adjustable by a simple turn of the know and while personally I prefer the Skerton I still think this on is a great grinder and well worth the money at around £19.00


For more great video reviews subscribe to our youtube channel and for some great beans to go your grinder check out our beans page, and there’ll be more to come soon!

If anyone has any reviews they’d like to publish on feel free to contact us.

Best coffee grinder - Hario Slim Grinder
Where?, How Much? £15.22

Our ‘Best coffee grinder of 2017 review’ has looked at some of the best selling domestic coffee grinder commercially available today and is a more comprehensive review than most you will find on the web. There will of course be other fantastic and great selling coffee grinders you wont find here.

For some absolutely fantastic beans please visit our beans page.