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best milk frother review

Best Milk frother review 2017

Best milk frother review of 2017 If you’re a fan of the milkier coffees such as lattes then not only will you need the best coffee grinder that when it comes to making that perfect cup of coffee and quite often how the milk is prepared is an afterthought so here’s why you should definitely…


Decaf coffee beans

Decaf Coffee Beans.

The guide to Decaf Coffee Beans Millions of us enjoy a coffee every day and lots of us love several. I myself will drink around 4 to 5 cups a day. I’ve no real idea how healthy this amount of coffee is I but I simply can’t function properly in the mornings without a…


coffee and the brain

Coffee may be good for brain activity too!

Scientists suggest that coffee may massively increase your short term memory Scientific research from the our American cousins is suggesting that a small amount of caffeine each day (around 200mg) could provide a boost to your short term memory. It’s even suggesting that a shot of coffee may help to jog those thoughts that are…


coffee moisturiser

Our beans can make us beautiful, too!

You love coffee right? You must do or surely you wouldn’t be reading this! Well get ready to love it more because our favourite bean has ‘bean’ (get it?) found to be helpful in our daily beauty routines.  Here are 3 ways your fave java is going to help you look like Natalie Portman. Coffee…