Aeropress Coffee Maker

Quality coffee on the move…the solution is the Aeropress coffee maker

Areopress coffee maker
Aeropress – an essential coffee making tool

The AeroPress coffee makers has sold extensively all over the world and are still in high numbers. The reason for this is simple – they’re great coffee makers. They make an excellent cup of coffee, allowing you to have real coffee on the move. The biggest selling point of Aeropress is it’s portability and versatility .

The makers of Aeropress, Aerobie, state that it is a ‘revolutionary new way to make coffee‘. It’s not so new anymore but is definitely revolutionary. It’s amazingly simple to use and doesn’t cost much to buy. Even some simple coffee makers can cost a pretty penny. Although AeroPress is really sold as a portable coffee maker, it’s become a must in the home as well. I’ve owned one of these for a couple of years now and regard it as an essential weapon in my coffee making artillery.

It uses the air press created by the pressing system to create a rich and smooth flavour which when combined with a good bean is low in acidity and lacks any of the horrible bitterness some coffee makers leave.

When it was launched many moons ago it was heralded as a ‘new way to make coffee’.  The grounds and some water are allowed to mix for a little over ten seconds. Gentle air pressure is then pushed through the Aeropress forcing the grounds and water through a micro filter. This can all be done very quickly and generally results in a brewing time of under thirty and leaves a finshed cup with a rich and smooth flavour.

AeroPress is convenient to use at home and on the move.  It’s also brilliantly quick and easy.  The experienced Aeropress will take under a minute to make their coffee from start to finish.  The actual pressing time is only around 20 seconds.

AeroPress is available pretty much anywhere. It really is a tried and tested pressing machine. It’s ideal for home use and for traveling. If you haven’t tried it yet you really should. For the meager price of £25-£30 (depending on when and where you buy it), it’s really very little money to fork out for a decent cup of java wherever you go.

If you don’t think Aeropress is for artisans then you could be wrong. Baristas and coffee nuts alike are using it to make all sorts of coffee, even expresso. James Philips, owner of the London chain Dose Espresso, says that Aeroepress has become a staple for the baristas in his coffee shops. So what sort of coffee can you expect? Well, as Jame suggests the brew is probably somewhere between filter and french press but it’s down to personal preference to decide which grounds work best for you.

If you’re not confortable with making coffee in a different way or want a little tutorial on how to use Aeropress, here’s a video with Gwilym Davies to give us a little demo of Aerobies revolutionary Aeropress coffee maker.

Aeropress fact…

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, Aeropress is made by a company called Aerobie which is the brainchild of a guy called Alan Adler. Now boys and girls, can you think where you’ve heard the name Aerobie before?

When I was a kid my dad bought me one of those new fangled frisbees – the ones that were like a ring and flew so fast that if they hit you in the face they’d most likely break your nose. Well, the most famous of those flying rings was the Aerobie Pro as played with by children all over the world were made by Aerobie. So when you press you coffee with an Aeropress coffee maker just remember that 20 or 30 years ago you were probably throwing a frisbee made by the same guy.

This does deviate from the topic of making coffee for a brief moment but please indulge us it’s really quite interesting if you’re geeky like us. Here’s Alan talking about the Aerobie Pro and the Aeropress.


How to use Aeropress

Ok, so be warned. you won’t be able to make espresso with Aeropress. However it is now used in many homes and coffee shops by professional baristas who seem to find it extremely versatile. We’ll give you detailed instrustions on how to use Aeropress later but here’s a quick brewing guide if this is your first dabble.

Aeropress brewing guide


Due to the popularity of Aeropress it is now sold everywhere and reviews can be found all over the internet (see Why does the AeroPress™ Coffee Maker Brew a Richer, Smoother Cup of Coffee? from and The Aeropress Coffee Maker from Justin Johnson at for two fairly comprehensive and readable ones, check out this video or visit the Aeropress – Aerobie website.

Aeropress accessories

Whe you buy an Aeropress here’s what you’ll usually get with your pruchase:

AeroPress coffee maker kit


What accessories are available for Aeropress I here you cry? Well, the answer to that is very few. Filters are the number one thing people seem to buy for their Aeropress (I’m sure you’ll know this if you already own one). So here’s a small selection….

The Aeropress World Championships

Aeropress World Chamionship logo
Aeropress World Chamionship

As already mentioned, Aeropress has become hugely popular in recent years – and deservedly so. It has reached what can almost be described as a ‘cult following’ within the coffee making world. It has actually become that popular that their are now Aeropress Championships held all over the world as well as a World Championship. The 2016 World Championship is to be held in Dublin. If you are an Aeropress enthusiast and are able to host future national championships go to World AeroPress Championship Host Application or heres the Aeropress Comp twitter feed or if you’re an Instragram user you can find them here.

Here’s a flavour of one of the national comps. It’s a wonderful video of Lukas ‘The Fury’ Zarhadnik who was the 2015 Slovak AeroPress Champion.

Pretty cool vid right? This could be you, probably not, but it could be. Anyway. there are loads more vids to be found if you’re interested in seeing championships.

Aeropress World Championship Winners
Look how happy they are! I’m going…. doesn’t give positive reviews to products which we don’t believe in. You’ll find very few, if any, negative reviews on the Aeropress. This is testament to the design and usability of the product. If you are thinking about buying an Aeropress coffee maker click here or follow the link below.






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