Vintage Irish coffee advertisement

All you need to know about Irish Coffee

Can you think of anything better to warm you up on a winters night than an Irish coffee? Whether this is a regular tipple or just a St. Patrick’s Day treat there’s no denying that it’s one of Ireland’s greatest exports. What you will find in this article.  The History of Irish Coffee Irish Coffee…



Coffee Creamer: The Ultimate Guide

In this article you will find: Which coffee creamer should I use? Which coffee creamer should I use? The cornerstone to good coffee is always the same – Get some freshly roasted beans, a good coffee grinder  and make sure you beans are freshly ground- what you add afterwards is simply down to personal preference.…


cup of espresso

How to Make a Good Espresso

  The basis of most coffees are a good espresso, get that bit right and you will be able to having any delicious style of coffee you want. So how do we go about making a good espresso? Well there are a few things that need to be considered but the two main ones being…


best drip coffee maker

Best Drip Coffee Maker

Best Drip Coffee Maker Drip Coffee makers are gods send for those of us with limited time but still want a real coffee. With the right machine and right method it is still possible to get a great cup of coffee with depth of flavour without having to have an espresso as a base. A…


best coffee percolator

Best Coffee Percolator in 2017

Finding the best coffee percolator to make your coffee beautiful… So you’ve bought some great coffee beans and you’ve bought yourself the best coffee grinder you can find so now you’re going to need a a good coffee maker and using the best coffee percolator you can find is often the best way to do…


best milk frother review

Best Milk frother review 2017

Best milk frother review of 2017 If you’re a fan of the milkier coffees such as lattes then not only will you need the best coffee grinder that when it comes to making that perfect cup of coffee and quite often how the milk is prepared is an afterthought so here’s why you should definitely…


Decaf coffee beans

Decaf Coffee Beans.

The guide to Decaf Coffee Beans Millions of us enjoy a coffee every day and lots of us love several. I myself will drink around 4 to 5 cups a day. I’ve no real idea how healthy this amount of coffee is I but I simply can’t function properly in the mornings without a…


Rhinowares hand coffee grinder

The I haven’t added a product post to for quite some time now. Although I’m mental about coffee and it’s one of my great passions in life, writing about products and diferent brews has taken a back seat for a while due to ‘life happening’. This was until I saw the rhinowares hand coffee grinder and…


Hario coffee grinder

Hario coffee grinder CMHC-4C

Hario CMHC-4C 1-Piece If you want to buy a Hario coffee grinder then gives the Hario CMHC-4C 1-Piece Ceramic Canister Coffee Mill  If you’re going to buy a Hario coffee grinder then maybe this is the one for you. They seem to prove really really popular. I guess because of their retro slash vintage style.…



Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder

Hario Skerton – a great little grinder gives the  Hario Skerton Medium Glass Hand Coffee Grinder 5 stars The  Hario Skerton coffee grinder is by far the best selling hand coffee grinder we’ve reviewed and people continue to buy it. It must have something going for it right? it does. I have one of these…


De'Longhi espresso maker

De’longhi Espresso Maker

De’longhi EC155 Pump Espresso Maker gives the De’longhi EC155 4 stars Price £59.99 Features 15 bar pressure1l water tank (removable) Milk forther Barista style filter holder Drip tray This espresso maker is inexpensive but doesn’t lack any of the quality found in more expensive De’Longhi coffee machines. Still very good quality but without all the frills…


bella coffee machine

Bella Coffee/Espresso Machine

The Bella BECM01 Espresso Coffee Machine gives the Bella espresso machine 3 stars Price £79.99 I love the style of Bella coffee machines. The one advertised here is available from and comes in red. It’s an excellent price here as the same machine on is over £50 more expensive! I’m not sure…